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What’s A Tape Deck?

Posted on: Monday, December 8th, 2014 | No Comments
While in the car, Justin took notice of something on the dash and asked me about it. “Daddy, what’s that for?” he asked while pointing to the gear shift.   “It’s a gear shift.” I responded. “No. Behind it.” he clarified.   “Oh, that’s the tape deck.” I answered.   There was a moment of silence and then… Continue reading →

WAIT…DON’T DO THA- (Nevermind)

Posted on: Friday, December 5th, 2014 | No Comments
  Another moment when you want to smack yourself in the head due to the actions of your children: Justin lowered his car window this morning to throw out his gum. As he threw it, I yelled, ‘Wait!’ It was too late…his gum had hit the car next to us and was now stuck to… Continue reading →

Sherlock: The Case of “What Happens in Vegas…”

Posted on: Thursday, December 4th, 2014 | No Comments
Many of you have been asking, “What’s going on with Sherlock?” Excellent question! So, I asked him…and he happily told me. Several weeks ago, he was on Tinder when a pretty young woman contacted him. After a few conversations and some harmless flirting, she suggested that he meet her in Las Vegas for the weekend.… Continue reading →

Daddy Sings Christmas Music

Posted on: Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014 | No Comments
My kids are confused. They want to know why we’re Jewish, but daddy is still allowed to (happily) sing Christmas music during the holiday season. My response is simple, “Stop talking! Daddy’s about to hit the high notes!” As the weather changes and it get colder outside, I get into the holiday spirit and begin… Continue reading →


Posted on: Monday, December 1st, 2014 | No Comments
GWE and I were in the car yesterday with the kids on the way to a birthday party when we drove by a Vietnamese restaurant that I had never seen before. Pho (pronounced “Fuh”) is one of my favorite dishes and I’m always open to trying a new place because there aren’t that many Vietnamese… Continue reading →

Garrett is Magic

Posted on: Thursday, November 20th, 2014 | No Comments
TA-DA!!! My 3 year old has the best “Appearance” magic trick I’ve ever seen. No matter how often I put him to bed, he silently “re-appears” next to me without saying a word. In bed by 8:30pm, but re-appears next to me at 8:35pm while I’m making dinner. In bed again by 8:45pm, but re-appears… Continue reading →

I’m Batman (An Inappropriate Story)

Posted on: Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 | No Comments
Garrett has discovered Batman. He’s got the mask and the cape and he’s ready for action. I bust out laughing every time he puts on his costume and announces, “I’m Batman!!” One small problem: I’m not laughing for the reason he thinks I’m laughing. I’m in hysterics for completely inappropriate reasons. Allow me to explain….… Continue reading →

Go To Bed!!

Posted on: Friday, October 17th, 2014 | 2 Comments
It has been less than a week and Garrett is finally getting the hang of “it’s time to go to sleep in your big boy bed.” Eh…who am I kidding??? He isn’t getting it. Not even close!   For the first few nights, we would put him to bed only to have him reappear in the… Continue reading →
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