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The Hi-Fi Guys


The art of listening to music runs deep in our family. My father is a collector of High Fidelity stereo equipment. My Father-in-Law might be the King of Hi-Fi. (“This makes it sound 32% better!!”) My wife loves Hi-Fi because she grew up listening to it. And, I grew up listening to it as well. If it’s got dials, tubes, woofers, subwoofers, cables, tweeters, and plugs – someone in my family is buying it, talking about it, playing with it, listening to it, or reviewing it.


Hi-Fi runs so deep, that in 1976 – I was in an ad for The Hi-Fi Bug!

Yup! That’s me!! (Dec. 8, 1976)

It had been over a year since we moved houses and our stereo equipment had been sorely neglected. Various components were sitting on the floor of our bedroom. They were in plain sight, but largely ignored under mismatched sheets and towels. The day came when I finally had enough of staring at these “Ghosts of Hi-Fi Past,” so I decided to do something about it.


With GWE out of town one weekend, I recruited my youngest son to help me rebuild the stereo system as a surprise for when she returned. One by one, we uncovered each piece of stereo equipment. Garrett used a dry towel to wipe off the dust and I placed each piece on the dresser. Garrett listened intently as I tested each input and output to see what was working and what was not. We even recruited FoGWE (Father of Greatest Wife Ever) to re-balance the turntable and re-check my work. After several hours, we were listening to the warm sounds of vinyl again. (“It’s 100% better than what it was 24 hours prior!!”)



It only took Garrett a few minutes to figure out where the power buttons were and where the knob for the volume was. He found a song he liked, climbed up on the bed, and began to bounce in rhythm. I could tell, he was hooked.


Another family member had been sucked into the cult of Hi-Fi!!


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