Justin’s First Real Rock Concert – Huey Lewis and the News

img_5862Ever since Justin saw “Back to the Future,” he’d become obsessed with Huey Lewis and the News. He’s been listening to the “Sports” and “Greatest Hits” albums non-stop for months. It’s funny to hear him doing his homework with his headphones on while humming along to “Hip to Be Square” and (his favorite) “Workin for a Livin.” Because he’s wearing headphones (that cost the same as my car – thank you Grandpa Bob!) he doesn’t know that we all can hear him singing. It’s pretty funny to hear a 9 year old sing, “…at least until I die, dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t, I’m supposed to get a raise week, you know damn well I won’t.”

One evening, GWE ‘bounced’ into the bedroom and shook me excitedly while announcing that Huey Lewis and the News would be performing at Humphrey’s Concerts by the Bay in San Diego. GWE decided that I would be taking Justin to see his favorite band perform live. Before I could ask “If this is It,” GWE had ordered the tickets, booked the hotel room, and we planned on taking a “Couple Days Off.”

This is one of the few bands I’ve loved consistently over the years. While I was very happy to be seeing the show, I was more honored to know that I would be accompanying Justin to his first real concert! That made it that much better!

GWE and I had seen Huey Lewis and the News play about 15 years ago at the Universal Amphitheater and it was a great show. By pure coincidence, a few years ago, I was having drinks with a client at the Four Season Hotel in Beverly Hills on the front patio when some rowdy guys behind us got a little too loud. I brushed it off thinking: “DRUNKS!” But, when they began to harmonize and start singing, I turned around to discover that it was Huey Lewis and the News! I was shocked! It was the best private show anyone could have asked for!

It wasn’t until the week before the show that we finally told Justin what our plans were. He could not believe it! (As excited as Justin was to see the show, I think he was more excited knowing that we would have to pull him out of school early in order to get to the show!) For Justin, the next few days were just a blur of counting down the days to the concert and asking which songs they’d be playing at the show.

When the day finally came, we jumped in the car, picked up the kids from school and we were “Cruisin’.” We all listened to (and sang along with) “Alive at 25” as we headed down to San Diego. Justin and I had just enough time to drop off our bags at the hotel and race over to the venue. To tell you that we had fun wouldn’t accurately describe it. It was a blast!

Here are some pictures (and a short video):



More Justin

The Priluck Boys Present…The News!

WMNEach Spring, GWE and I bid on one particular item at Justin and Garrett’s school’s silent auction. It’s not a wine basket or gift certificate. It’s the experience of hosting the school’s morning news/announcement show for an entire week. We’ve done it for the past couple of years and it’s become such a tradition that even the administrators at the school know that it’s something the boys (and maybe GWE) really, really look forward to.

For the first two years, Justin hosted the show with GWE. Last year, he hosted the show with GWE, but with Garrett making a few cameo appearances. This year, GWE was replaced by Garrett and he did an incredible job.

And now I present to you: The Woodcrest Morning News with Justin and Garrett!

Tuesday, April 19th:

Wednesday, April 20th:

Thursday, April 21st:

Friday, April 22nd:

Bird, Bird, The Bird is the Word!

Sesame Street  Season 43 Big Bird

This is not the bird you’re looking for.

While having dinner at home one night, we decided to open the back doors and windows to allow a cool evening breeze into the house. GWE, the boys, and I sat around the table eating, laughing, and getting caught up on how everyone’s day went. It was a pleasant evening and nothing was out of the ordinary, until….all of a sudden…

… a bird flew into the house!

What was once a calm and relaxed dinner turned into a (slightly) chaotic moment. Justin, the child who doesn’t like to go outside or have nature come inside, froze in a panic. Garrett, the child who loves being outside…but probably loves chaos even more, was thrilled to see the bird! Garrett greeted the interruption with a mixture of dance, excitement, and screaming with glee. GWE and I took the tactical position of turning off all the lights in house, turning on the porch lights, and shooing the bird outside again.

Once the bird left, we closed the doors and windows and resumed our meal. However, the excitement in Garrett’s body could not be contained. 

“I DID IT!! I DID IT!!! I DID IT!!!” Garrett squealed. “What? What did you do?” I asked. 

“I HID!!!!!” He announced triumphantly, as if he had conquered Mother Nature by himself.

In case of emergency, I’m still not sure which kid will be the most useful!

Angry Bird

I am an angry bird!


Justin’s Understanding of Women


Justin and his lady friends!

While sitting at lunch on Saturday, GWE was explaining to Justin what her plans were for the rest of the day and how he would be included. The following conversation really happened: (The dialogue is courtesy of GWE.)

GWE: “Hey Justin, you are gonna come with me to UCLA Alpha Chi for my song workshop. Except the ladies who will be there are from the University of California San Diego! They are visiting Los Angeles for the weekend! Isn’t that exciting?”

Justin: “So okay, Mommy, do they speak a different language?”

GWE: “No, honey, they speak English.”

Me: “Hey Justin, all women speak a different language.”


Garrett and HIS lady friends!

The Family Photos

Family-1If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll notice that it’s very different than most of the other dad blogs on the internet. The purpose of this blog is to share stories. Hopefully, you find them entertaining or educational or (at the very least) they’re cautionary tales. But what separates this site from the others is that there are no ads. There are no banners and no pop-ups. I have chosen not to endorse anything on this site. It’s by design. If I recommend something, it’s because I really like it. Not because I’m required to in order to keep my advertisers happy.

And that’s why you need to know about our experience with Renee Bowen and Renee Bowen Photography.

Several months ago, my wife asked if we could take new family photos. I was not thrilled at the prospect. It’s never as simple as “Let’s take some pictures.” There are wardrobe changes, temper tantrums, snacks, toys, yelling, begging, and crying. (All by me, by the way.) And, all of this effort and aggravation for just 3 decent pictures.

However, this time, GWE suggested that we reach out to the wife of one of my clients – Andrew Bowen. His wife, Renee is a professional photographer. I actually liked her work way before GWE suggested it. You should really see her photographs! Click here for her website!

I put GWE in touch with Renee and the two of them planned the shoot. And, I must say, not only was it the best photography experience I’ve ever had….but, the family photos look incredible!! Here are a few of the pictures:





If you live in the Los Angeles area and need a photographer, I can’t recommend Renee Bowen enough! She was fantastic to work with, took exquisite pictures, and presented them to us in such a way that impressed my wife for weeks. I won’t spoil that for you. It’s a “you gotta experience it” sort of thing.

Thanks Renee! Well done!

Space Mountain – The Picture

“Ready for the picture that will live on forever?” was the text I got from GWE yesterday while she was with the boys at Disneyland. I was expecting to see a picture of my boys hugging a character or walking hand-in-hand up to the Magic Castle. That’s not the picture I was sent. This is what I was sent from Space Mountain:


Never before have I laughed so hard at a picture of my son. He looks terrified! He doesn’t just look terrified, he looks like he crapped his pants. I know GWE brought extra pairs of underwear for Garrett because he’s potty training, but she might want to have considered bring another pair of undies for Justin as well. The expression on his face is unbelievable.


I don’t know if I should get in the car right now to save him from Space Mountain or if he’s really having a good time!