Justin and I got to school around 9am and I signed him in. Afterwards, he took me by the hand and we walked outside to the play area. There were about 10 children sitting on the stoop between the grassy part of the playground and the woodchips. Justin sat down in the row and then made me sit down right next to him. And, then Dylan sat down on the other side of me. Justin then turned to me and explained that they were playing “baseball”.

One by one, Teacher Lilly and Teacher Saul would pick a child out of the lineup….and then Saul would “catch” while Lilly “pitched.” There was a little girl who they brought up first – she CLOBBERED the ball. (I signed her to an exclusive contract!) In the meantime, Justin is holding my right hand and Dylan is now holding my left hand. All of a sudden, Justin gets up and says “Stay right there daddy” and then runs off. He comes back a minute later with a little cup of water and hands it to me. Dylan and Justin proceed to explain that we need to drink water when we play baseball.

Finally, they call up Justin who runs over to Saul and grabs the bat…..and then holds it like a golf club. Saul corrects him, but he keeps holding it like a 9 iron. So, Lilly pitched it low and he did well the first time. The second time – he crushed it! In the meantime, Dylan is on my back screaming “Go Justin!!!”

It was a very surreal morning!

Potty Training Weekend

Saturday –

Awake at 6am – two small accidents, one HUGE bulls-eye “Daddy Style.” Yeah!!!

12:00pm – I saw him go around the back of the sofa to his poop spot. I grabbed him and we ran to the potty. He took off his pants, sat on the potty, and then ordered me out of the bathroom. I am now sitting outside the bathroom door waiting for him.

12:05pm – PPPPPooooooooppppppiiiieeeeee!!!!!!! He crapped in the potty!!!!!!!!!!!! (It was a lot!!)

5:10 – accident on the floor. All fixed.

6:00 – peepee in the potty!

7:35 – long pee into the toilet. Afterwords, he looked at me and screamed, “I’m a genius!!!”

8:35 – last peepee of the day in the toilet. It’s been a very productive day. Tonight, we both get a break and he’s in a diaper for the rest of the evening. Tomorrow, we start again!!

Sunday –

Awake at 7am. Came into my room. Told me he needed to peepee in the potty and then he did. Off to a great start today!!

8:00 – accident, but close. He decided that he wanted to go potty by himself. He walked down the hall and closed the door. (I followed him and sat outside the door.) I heard him pull off his pants, go pee pee, then nothing, then he said “uh, oh – DADDY!!!!” I opened the door and found him standing on the stool with poop on the seat, poop on the stool, poop down his leg, and poop on the towel I put under everything. He helped me clean up and ended up getting a toy for being close.

9:35 – peepee in the potty!

10:30 – accident. Not even close to the potty. 🙁

1:00pm – went peepee in potty

4:00pm – woke up from nap. Did not go peepee in bed. Went straight to potty!!

6:10 – told me he needed to pee in potty. We made it! Success!!

Monday –

Awake at 6:45 – woke up dry. Made peepee in the potty!

9:06 – Just did drop off at school. He is wearing his underpants and he excited to show everyone!

5:30 – Just got Justin from daycare. Teacher Lily was very surprised at his progress from over the weekend. He had 1 1/2 accidents at school. Once he dribbled on his pants (that shouldn’t count) and once on the playground. Other than that, lots of successes today!

9:00 – I walked away from justin to put away dishes. All of a sudden I heard, “I DID IT!!” I turned the corner and Justin had gone down to the bathroom by himself, dropped his pants, and peed in the potty. He did the whole thing by himself – and DIDN’T want a toy as a reward!!!!!!! Yeah!!!

Tuesday –

7:00 – Justin woke up. Bed was dry. Walked straight into the bathroom and took the longest pee I’ve seen – ever!

Potty Time

Three days and counting until the Potty Training begins!! This weekend, Justin is going to think “the potty”, be “the potty”, sleep “the potty”, eat the…ack. You get the idea! I’m gonna tarp the whole house (with each room chambered off) like they do at the end of “E.T.” to prevent any accidents! POTTY, POTTY, POTTY!!